10 Go-To Pregnancy Snacks

10 simple and healthy snacks to satisfy your pregnancy cravings for a new mamma with these go-to pregnancy snacks.


Cravings, while I know they happen for many women when they’re pregnant, including the healthy cravings. It is just as easy to grab and eat a chocolate bar as it is to grab some veggies from an already prepared veggie or fruit tray. Check out this post where I chatted about my “sweet tooth” during my second trimester.

And snacks, I mean who doesn’t love to snack? There have been days where I just wanted to snack all day, which is another reason why I put this list together of my go-to pregnancy snacks!

I mean, don’t get me wrong I craved tater poutine in my first trimester, pasta, blts {bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwhich}, and fizzy pop {Pepsi} during my second trimester. My third trimester so far, it is ice cream {dang this summer heat is so hard on a pregnant lady, luckily the heat hasn’t been too bad}! Most of my cravings I tried to make healthier choices, such as substituting regular pop with Zevia, making “clean” blts, and healthier pasta. However, some days I had a Pepsi, or ordered my fav pasta dish, because hello “balance”.

I mean you got to live a little, am I right?

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I remember asking for a can of Pepsi at a girlfriend’s house and her face nearly dropped to the floor {I actually felt kinda awkward}. I swear people think I only eat veggies and drink water… as if. Hand me a slice of pizza, with the pop too. Ha! I just know when I can treat myself with how much and how little, thanks to just simply tracking what I eat. Live a little people, I can’t stress that enough! If I was never able to enjoy treats {especailly carbs} again why the heck would I be so focused on tracking and goal setting knowing I’d have to eliminate the foods I love. Trust me, I haven’t eliminated a thing, I still treat myself, eat carbs and once I can again, drink wine.

Check out some of my favourite go-to pregnancy snacks below;


Veggies and dill dip

I like to have fresh veggie trays on hand these days, they make for a quick and easy snack paired with a Greek yogurt dip. I’ve been trying my best to follow my fav “2 bunny” approach nutrition platform throughout my pregnancy, to be honest, the cravings haven’t been as bad as I expected. Do you find it odd that I crave veggies? Most days I actually do! That’s a craving I am willing to accept over and over again. By the way, check out this wicked dill dip recipe.

Cream cheese, roasted red pepper jelly spread, melba toast

This snack has become a new thing. You can use regular cream cheese or Greek yogurt cream cheese. I simply open a packet of melba toast, spread with cream cheese and top with a little red pepper jelly {too much gives me heartburn, but some days the heartburn is worth it, ahah}. This snack can be made in less than five minutes.

Peaches or Watermelon

I am totally digging these two fruits these days! Like LOVING them. I like my peaches VERY firm, and I buy my watermelon ready to eat. Speaking of peaches here is an amazing oatmeal recipe that’s great for busy mamma’s for a quick, healthy breakfast!

Cheese and crackers

This is another quick and easy snack. I prefer to choose light cheese, in any cheeses for that matter. I usually always have multigrain wheat thins as my cracker of choice.

Yogurt and berries with some granola

This is another go-to of mine, simple, filling and satisfying. I always have fresh fruit on hand and yogurt. I sometimes make my granola, or if I am in a crunch I buy it… take a look at the ingredient list though. A lot of granolas have added sugars etc. The lesser the ingredients the better.


I have these bars stashed everywhere. They are a much cleaner snack bar than most bars you can buy at the grocery store. Bonus, I get these tasty bars delivered to my door monthly. Email me on how you can get your Beachbars delivered monthly.


Popcorn is a great healthy snack, providing you aren’t getting the ones that are loaded with butter and salt. I usually go for lightly sea salted flavours, either skinny pop or Angie’s-boomchikapop. Bonus; you can often get these is mini packs which are great to have on hand.

Veggies and Hummus

Like veggies and dip, veggies and hummus is a great snack I enjoy as well. I love how you can buy different flavoured hummus and even the mini packs which are great for a grab and go.

Sliced cucumber spread with cream cheese and chives

Yes, I said it… slice your cucumber, spread with cream cheese and top with chives. Such a delicious afternoon snack with the perfect crunch and flavour.

1 slice of PB toast with cinnamon {sometimes I add banana}

Some days I start my days before 7 am, which means breakfast comes early. This snack is one of my fav mid-morning snacks that ties me down until lunchtime!

What are some of your favourite snacks? Stay tuned for more yummy recipes!

I hope you enjoy these go-to pregnancy snack ideas!

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