3 Reasons Why Online Workouts Work For Busy Moms

Lost on where to start to kickstart your health and fitness goals? Check out this mammas top 3 reasons why online workouts changed her life since becoming a mom.

Online workouts have been a huge part of my life for the past 5 years. I tried the gym, fitness classes, you name it, but I could not stick to it. Getting out of the house to get there felt like a chore… then getting there and getting started… took so much time. It would take me on average between getting ready, driving and getting settled at the gym 30 minutes before I’d be ready to start my workout.

*If you are a gym-goer, and you LOVE it! Way to go, be proud of yourself. It certainly isn’t for me, but I know so many who love it and I also know many who don’t have the time! *

*Keep hitting your goals, and shine bright *

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By the time I was ready to get started at the gym, I was ready to leave again. Timing is everything for me and even more so now that I am a mamma. Life is busy and every day doesn’t go as planned.

I also love to spend time with my family doing activities together, especially when my husband is on days off. If I am gone to the gym for 1.5 hours every day, plus my shower when I get home, etc. That’s 1 hour less I get to focus on family time or spending the time doing something I enjoy.

I remember many days when I was a gym-goer, running on the treadmill thinking about all the things I have to do once I get my workout done… laundry, studying, etc. That’s how much the gym felt like a chore to me. I just couldn’t focus because I was so busy thinking about the other things I needed to do. Are you like this?

Working out from home means that I can choose to change into workout clothes or stay in my pyjamas and hit play. If mommy duties call halfway through my workout, I can finish it later when I get a chance. #momlife If I wanna wake up early and hit play, stay in bed or do it in the evening… I get to decide.

My Top 3 Reasons

  1. Convenience – Home programs have been very convenient for me as a new mom. I can decide whether or not I wanna wake up early before babe and crush my workout, or wait until nap time or bedtime. Heck, sometimes she joins me because she finds my home programs entertaining. All I have to do is show up in my living room and hit play. Sidenote: Spotify totally gets me pumped up to workout with their awesome workout playlist. AND when I travel my workouts come with me, as they are accessible from anywhere in the world.
  2. Variety – I have an online library of workouts, that’s like a “Netflix Home Gym“. Workouts range from cardio, weights, yoga, barre, dance, and MORE. By having such a variety, I never get bored. I am always challenged by the online super trainers and NEW programs are added a couple of times a year, which keeps things interesting, challenging and fun! Workouts range from 20-40 minutes depending on the program and trainer.
  3. Results – Everyone exercises to see results, or to stay fit! That is totally doable with these online programs. If you join me in reaching health and wellness goals, I have an online accountability group where we help cheer each other on to reach our goals, share recipes ideas, meal plans and more! I never would’ve thought that I’d see results from exercising at home.


Accountability is HUGE for me. Of course, I don’t wake up every day eager to hit play. Let’s be real most days I wake up tired. However, when you are in a group with some goal crushing ladies, it certainly helps motivate you to hit play.

Bouncing back postpartum has come with challenges. Accountability has certainly helped me stay on track and focused. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight at 5 months postpartum thanks to our group(s). Without these online programs, I think I’d still be trailing behind, wondering how to “bounce back” post-pregnancy.

If you are interested in joining me, fill out this quick questionnaire and I will reach out to you!

Are you joining me?

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