Air Fryer Review

A review on the Ultrean Air Fryer and a great quick and easy cauliflower tot recipe served with ketchup.

I have been loving my air fryer. One of my most recent favourite foods cooked in the air fryer has been cauliflower tots.


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Great price for a budget friendly family.

I am telling you YES! Yes, it is. Who’s with me when it comes to fried foods… I mean there is nothing like it, right? I love that the air fryer does similar magic to what a deep fryer can do without all the grease.

What I love about the air fryer is that it holds the heat well, meaning it cooks foods much faster than in the oven and adds a nice crispy texture to the food.


So many options on foods to cook in an air fryer, anything and everything.

You can do pretty much anything in an air fryer and it tastes great. From sweet potato chips, fries {homemade or frozen}, chicken breast, chicken wings, pork chunks, and so on.

It is about getting creative and trying new things. I was about to place my cauliflower tots in the oven the other day when I caught a glimpse of my air fryer and went air fryer style with them. They were delicious!


The Ultrean Air Fryer is SO easy to clean. I purchased my Ultrean Air Fryer from Amazon {Ultrean Air Fryer}.

I did read a lot of reviews and research this Ultrean Air Fryer. I picked this one for a few reasons, of course, the style and colour, but that’s not the point. I also picked it because it was rated top five popularity-wise, it is easy to clean, the texture of foods is similar to fried foods, and it is the perfect size for a family.


  • The style is nice and the size is perfect to feed a family with its large cooking basket.
  • It cooks food perfectly, just rotate half-way through the cooking process, easy.
  • It is super easy to use, clean and store.
  • Such a great variety of temperature settings like an oven.
  • It has a great timer system, right down to the minute.
  • It has a removable/optional tray inside, great for frying greasier foods.
  • Takes less time than cooking in an oven.


  • It is big and takes up a lot of room on the counter, I store mine after each use, which is what I had intended anyway. Less is more for me on my countertops, I’ve always been like that.
  • Rotating, flipping food at least once during cooking time has to happen to ensure everything gets cooked evenly.


Starts with frozen cauliflower, and an air fryer; easy.

All you need for this recipe is frozen cauliflower tots, a little spray oil and an air fryer. It is that simple, quick to cook and easy to clean up.

Let’s face it, don’t we all love a crispy tater tot? I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled to try to get my tater tots nice and crispy in the oven. The air fryer has been game-changer. One thing I love is the crispy texture of foods being fried but without all the grease.

I recommend the temperature setting for cooking cauliflower tots to be 400F. Cook for 10 minutes flip/toss the tots and cook for another 10 minutes until they’re crispy/dark golden brown.

Serve them with some ketchup or toss them in some buffalo sauce and enjoy! Seriously, cauliflower tots will only be done in the air fryer from here on out.

PS. While I am busy working on other air fryer recipes, you can check these oven recipes out in the meantime.



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