The Ultimate Camping List For Camping With A Baby

A list of camping must-haves when camping with a baby. From sleeping, playing, campfires and more. A baby camping checklist that isn’t overcomplicated.

Camping for the first-time with Everly was a breeze. Why? Because I think I prepared and didn’t work myself up over here sleeping in a new environment for the first time. And having a baby camping checklist to go off of was super helpful!

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Most days are spent outside which means Everly is usually in her carrier, jogger or her outdoor playpen. I wanted to make sure that I had a few items that were camper friendly, compact for heading to the neighbours, and of course good quality.



Yes, I said baby camping checklist. There is so much stuff to pack when it comes to hitting the road and travelling with a baby or even camping. We have a travel trailer.

I am a travel trailer kind of gal, I like to “glamp”. I don’t need all the amenities, I have them but I could go without… ok, hold up… maybe. If you are someone who is currently looking to buy travel trailer I highly recommend buying new, and buying what you want as they depreciate in value, FAST!

Another tip, if you have children, I highly recommend investing in a trailer with a bunkhouse, so the kids have their own space. We have a bunkhouse that has it’s own door, meaning Everly gets her own room! She sleeps SO well at the camper.


Here is a list of some of the outdoor camping must-haves with a baby:


A lot of snacking also happens on-the-go, when we are out on side-by-side rides, or adventuring around I always make sure I have snacks handy in case we end up gone longer than expected.

Here is a list of some of handy to-go items for camping with a baby:


When it comes to sleep at the camper, I was determined to re-create a very similar sleep environment for Everly at the camper, much like at home. It was actually really simple.

Here is a list of sleeping go-to’s at the camper, or for any travel:

The Slumberpod is AMAZING. It makes sure that Everly has a dark and quiet sleeping space that is comfortable. I highly recommend this product. Everly’s room at home is very dark which helps her sleep much better when we’re away from home, and the Slumberpod setup totally sets that environment for her. It is very easy to assemble, pack in a suitcase and makes nap time and bedtime happen without ease.

Before we head to the lake I always go through this little checklist to make sure nothing get’s left behind! Check out this free printable, baby camping checklist.


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