Decorating The Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree is one of our family favourites to do together each year. It is a tradition that has been carried on for many years, and it’s one that will continue on for many years to come.

Decorating the Christmas tree is how we kicked off Christmas 2019, from the list of some of my favourites. It is starting to feel very festive around here. I was so excited to see Everly’s reaction to the tree. Now that she is recognizing things like light/reflections/shadows, she is loving the new light in the room. Our Christmas tree is multifunctional and with many different light settings, so needless to say daddy had to put off a light show.

Stow and Grow Tree

One thing I love about our Stow and Grow Christmas Tree is that it is pre-lit {with lots of lights}, with an adjustable height, and all remote operated. It makes putting together, fluffing and setting up SO easy! This tree does all the prep work on its own! Honestly, I think hubby has more fun with all the options on the remote. Especially teasing me as I try to place ornaments and he pushes the grow button… what fun and laughter!

Oh, Christmas Tree <3

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Ornament Collection Tradition

Everly also got her first ornament from the Hallmark Holiday Christmas Barbie collection from a family member, dated 1993. That was a tradition for me growing up. I had A LOT of the Barbie ornaments from that collection and unfortunately lost them all in a fire. I ordered the 2019 Barbie for her to start her collection.

The Tree Topper

I always loved the look of big, over the top tree toppers on a Christmas Tree. Something about it really brings a Christmas Tree to life. I often switch up my Christmas Tree decor and colours. My go-to’s are red, white and champagne gold. This year, I went completely different. I added some burlap ribbon and a wide red ribbon. I was really trying to find more of the white ribbon I had last year and I couldn’t find any. I went with mostly white decor/ornaments with a red and gold tree topper. I love that pop and burst of colour at the top!

Personalized Ornament

There is nothing like receiving a special ornament from a loved one or friend. Every year when we take those ornaments out we put them on the tree first. I love looking at the ornaments and thinking of the person who gave it to us and the meaning behind it.

The Christmas Pickle

This is one that my Aunt started many years ago. Every year she’d hide a pickle on her tree and whoever found it first received a little gift. It was always so fun. My mom then started doing it and well, of course, I had to carry on that tradition as well. I remember last year, we had some friends visiting with their kids, and we got the kids to participate. It was so fun and cute to see the excitement when they found the pickle! I cannot wait for this fun with Everly and her friends when she’s older.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Traditional? Sentimental?

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