Dinner Theme Ideas (Fun For The Whole Family)

Dinner theme ideas to do at home that the entire family will enjoy and get to take part in. Make it fun, keep it simple and enjoy the time together.

I’ve been doing some thinking and I am always trying to find ways to make mealtime fun. Whether it be trying new foods or a recipe or making it extra special using the special dishes, and then it dawned on me – Family-Themed Dinners, how FUN!

I thought how cool would it be to get the kids involved with dinner. Deciding on what to have, maybe help cook and have fun!

I am so excited to share experiences like this with Everly. Yes, I say experiences because I think this is such a fun-filled family activity.



Meal time together.

I think it is very important to all sit together at the dinner table and eat a meal, together. At least one meal. For most of us, the meal that fits our schedules best is dinner/supper. Mornings are usually crazy trying to get everyone out the door on time, and lunch is usually eaten at work or school.

Growing up we always ate dinner/supper together as a family. We’d talk about our day with one another, the good and the bad, and of course ENJOY our food, together, present with one another. Same with breakfast and lunch, eaten at the table if we were home.

We never for as long as I remember, ate in the living room off of our laps unless it was something like a movie night or party of some sort.

There is something about sitting at the dinner table and enjoying a meal as a family. It was also a time where we’d talk about the highs and lows of our day, and what activities were coming up the next day, etc.


Ideas for family mealtime for the entire family to enjoy.

I remember growing we’d always have spaghetti, at least once a week, because my mom makes a very TASTY pasta sauce that I cannot make as good as her. I’ve tried, she has the magic touch for that one.

But, there were always meals we seem to have over and over again. Do you have favourite childhood meals that were in your weekly meal rotation? Share below!

Whether they were themed or not, we still had out regular favourite dishes.

I thought that this fun dinner theme list, would be so much fun for you and something you could use with your family. These themes are great to give the kids an option to pick what to have for dinner, maybe even help prepare and cook it with you! Make it fun!

Here are my dinner ideas in detail:

  • Kids Choice: let them choose whatever they want to have… let them have it, make it fun, even if they request chips, make some guac {recipe for that shared below} or a dip to go with it. A little junk for dinner is OK for one meal.
  • Family Choice: Pick three of your favourite family meals. Do a little vote on who wants what and whatever gets the most votes, make it. If there is a tie, do the tiebreaker like drawing for the shortest straw or stick game. Again, make it fun. It’s all about fun!
  • Mexican Night: Between tacos, nachos, guacamole, pico de gallo… There are so many options for this one. Let the kids pick one of their favourites and make it a meal. See recipes below for some great Mexican dishes/sides.
  • Pasta Night (Italian): You can add pizza in here too… haha! But, make a few of your family’s favourite pasta dishes, a nice green salad and some fresh breadsticks. It’ll be like dining at the Olive Garden but at home. Get the kids to help, even if it is just setting the table, and doing it with “extra”, like eating off the fancy dishes.
  • Pizza Night: Make your own pizza. Make a homemade dough and portion out the dough so that everyone gets to make their own and choose their own ingredients. We did this one a lot when I was younger. SO fun!
  • Breakfast For Dinner: Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Make a little of everyone’s favourite or make your favourite brunch.
  • Seafood Night: You could do a “fish fry Friday”.
  • Soup And Sandwich Night: This could be as simple as grilled cheese and tomato soup. Canned soup is fine or homemade soup whatever you choose.

Here are some other dinner ideas:

  • Vegetarian Night
  • Vegan Night
  • Take-Out
  • Fondue Night
  • Appetizer Night
  • Meditation Night
  • Fried Food Night
  • Chinese
  • Sushi Night
  • Crock-Pot Dinner
  • Messy Meal {sloppy joes}
  • Sheet Pan Dinner

I’d love to hear if you try any of these or some other ideas you have for family-themed dinners!

PS. Here are some recipe you may want to try:


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