Half Marathon Training Update And Race Day Tips

Here is an update on how my half marathon training is going, with a few setbacks and preparing for race day tips.

The day finally came, the day to head out for my steady pace long-distance run. To be truthful I’ve started and stopped my running training a few times since May. My hip wasn’t agreeing with me. I totally listened and rested, maybe too much.

Once my hip started feeling better it was like starting over again. I think mentally it felt more like that, than physically. I thought that because I had stopped for a couple of weeks, I needed to start over again.

Isn’t funny how our minds play silly tricks on us like that? I knew that I wanted to play catch up from where I left off, but I didn’t want to overdo it either. I am not letting this little setback hold me back from my half marathon training goal. 


For my first long-distance, I only did 8km. I know you are probably thinking, only 8km. Well, here’s the deal… I made a schedule to help me better my timing, endurance, and strength. I am setting goals for myself each week and I believe in setting smaller goals to help me reach those bigger goals. My big goal is to hit 10km in 45 minutes. From experience, setting smaller more realistic goals works much better for me when it comes to achieving my BIGGER goals. #babysteps

I fuelled up with a breakfast of 2 slices whole-grain sprouted wheat toast with peanut butter and two fried eggs, one of my many favourite pre-run meals. And of course, coffee! I am trying to play a little with my pre-run meal to see what sits best in my belly, but with what also helps me stay energized. This breakfast totally kept me in line that day. I made sure to track that, as I always track what I eat before a run to see if it actually interferes with my performance.


Since my runs have started getting longer, I’ve been making sure that I have water and electrolytes on hand. I have been mixing G2 with some water {50/50 blend I call it} and I always like to have a few candies on hand in my pocket or sports bra, in case I need a little boost of energy. #sugarrush

I packed 4 candies for my 8km run and every 2km I popped one like it was some sort of “treat” to get me through, but it actually totally helped keep my pace steady. I had an average pace of 6’38” in a total of 50:50.2min.

There is still plenty of room for improvement, slowly but surely I’ll get there. 


Goal setting can be hard. It can make you anxious and nervous that YOU won’t be able to meet your goal. Here is the deal, if you don’t meet your goal in time, at least you tried. Life happens, things come up, but if you are trying, YOU will get there.

Whatever your goal is, I highly encourage you to write it down. Write it on a post-it note, post it on your bathroom mirror, fridge or somewhere where you will constantly see it, as a reminder to you of WHAT you want, but also remind you of what you have to do to achieve it. Because nothing worth having ever comes easy.

set goals, work hard to reach them and celebrate them big or small!


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