Finding A Balance

Are you a Mamma who feels like you’re stuck in mom mode 24/7 and you can’t catch a break and finding a balance is hard? This post is for you!

I knew right from day one that when I became a Mom there’d be a way to find some sort of balance with motherhood and self-care. For me, finding a balance means keeping my sanity, and being the best dang Mom I can be, by having that balance of “Mommy-Time“.

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Sanity? Yes, I went there. #momlife is hard. No one gives Mammas the credit they deserve. It’s hard. Most days are long, and some nights feel like forever. From feedings, cuddles, teething, sicknesses, etc. Our littles require so MUCH of our time. And if you are a Mamma reading this, I’m sure you wouldn’t change a thing! I know I wouldn’t, not EVER. <3

I LOVE being a Mom, and waking up every day taking care of my little lady is the BEST job ever! However, I still need some time for myself to function at my best! Whether I get up before my little lady or I focus on me during nap time. I need it!

My number 1 priority WILL always be, to be the best Mamma I can be, and secondly focus on myself. I learned at around 2 months postpartum that if I am not functioning as my best self, I simply cannot function as a good Mom or wife.

Focusing on me second is where the balance comes in. I prioritize my daily tasks, by always showing up first and foremost as a Mom. Next, I focus on ME. Then before bedtime, I focus on the few household things, like dishes, laundry, etc. Since becoming a Mom, I put a lot of those things on hold.

When I get some time I turn on a good podcast and fold the laundry, etc. In doing these chores I still get “Mommy-Time”, because I always learn when listening to a good podcast. Multi-tasking is key to help me get those “extras” done!

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Best Self

For me, being my best self is getting my workout in, checking in with my accountability group, checking in with my accountability partner, working my business, reading personal development and filling my cup!

I was always a huge advocate on the importance of self-care before my pregnancy, and even more so now that I am a Mom. There is such a thing as a balance, you just have to find. I encourage you to FIND it.

I know as a busy Mom, taking a break to breathe, to just go grocery shipping alone or even do something that you enjoy, makes you feel like a million dollars.

In becoming my best self over the years, I have read some really good books written by entrepreneurial Mammas who are successful, empowering and goal crushing boss babes. Rachel Hollis is one of my favourite #mombosses! I’ve learned that amongst all the chaos of motherhood and parenting, these Mammas still manage to show up for themselves.

Here are two of my favourite “Mom” books that I recommend for Mamma’s who might be struggling to find a balance;

  • Girl Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis
    • I read this book twice. I remember when my husband and I were struggling with fertility, and this book made me feel, “all the feels“. Once I got through it once, I read it again with a highlighter! This book made me feel so confident and inspired not only in my personal life but business as well!
  • Girl Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis
    • If you are afraid of failure or lacking the confidence to do something you’ve always dreamed of, this book is for YOU!

Mamma’s find some time for yourself. It is so important. Don’t forget about yourself on the beautiful journey through motherhood.

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