How To Save Time On Your Weekly Meal Menu

Meal Prep has saved me so much time and money. Not to mention it has also helped me reach my health and wellness goals!

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When and wherever I can save time when it comes to meal prep, I do! I am not even a mom yet and timing is everything for me. I am such a structured and scheduled individual, mostly because I want a balance of freedom to spend more time with my hubby on days off while still working on my goals.

SOOO meal prep is KEY and it takes time… YES, it does! However, I’ve tried a few different methods when doing my meal prep to figure out what meals work best for me, let me share!


Typically when I meal prep I focus on breakfast and lunch. I always focused on breakfast and dinner, but there were many times when I cooked dinner I never had enough for leftovers the next day. Leaving me in a crunch to try and prep my lunch!

I give myself 1 hour. That’s really all it should take, and it really doesn’t need to take that long. 

I always start with veggies, making those the biggest part of my plate. Followed by protein. I typically choose lean meats and that are nitrate-free. Lastly, complex carbohydrates. Having a road map for meals like this, also makes it easier to grocery shop! I know what I need to buy because I know what I am going to prep. AND I don’t buy things we DON’T need!

The first step, cook your protein and veggies. Here is my roasted veggie recipe. I have a double oven so this works great for me because I roast my veggies at a different temperature than I cook my meat at. You can steam your veggies too, I prefer roasting them for the texture. Next, I get my carbs cooked… sticking to quick ones like cubed sweet potato.

I portion everything out and add everything into their little sections in my containers. I purchased some amazing meal prep containers from Amazon, which make my meal prep THAT much easier. They hold the perfect portions, they stack great for storage, and they are great for freezing as well.

As for breakfast, I typically have a shake, overnight oatmeal, a healthy pumpkin spice muffin, or when I am home, eggs, avocado, and toast! Or a pineapple shake which doesn’t require much prep, overnight oats are easy to prep {bonus you can prep 3 in advance}, muffins are easy to prep {12 in advance/freeze} and as for avocado, eggs, and toast… I got that one mastered and I make that in less than 10 minutes.

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