Bedtime Routine Essentials (6-12 months)

A sample infant bedtime routine and a list of some of our favourite bedtime routine must-haves. A bedtime routine that’s fun for the entire family!

Our bedtime routine is such a fun time for Everly. It starts with a bath and ends with a goodnight kiss. Our bedtime routine is a simple 25-minute relaxing routine.

Bedtime was once a struggle for us. I was reading way too much about establishing a routine from books, apps, blogs and more. I had myself so confused because everything I read suggested something different, that I ended up not knowing what to do myself.


This made bedtime a huge struggle for us. I reached out to Sleep Tight YMM for some guidance and help. She came to the rescue and we were able to develop such a great routine. Not only a great routine but, also a great sleeper who now wakes up so happy.

I wanted to put together a list of my favourite bedtime routine essentials that have become part of our everyday bedtime routine.


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Happiness; memories; laughter and love.

I never realized the importance of sleep until I noticed a change in Everly once we established a healthy sleep routine. Once we established healthy sleeping habits, Everly was such a happy baby going to bed or going for a nap and waking up the same way.

Here is my list of our favourite infant bedtime routine essentials:

We always start Everly’s bedtime routine with a bath. We brush her teeth and dry her off. Before we get dressed we do a baby massage and brush her hair. We get cozied up in our jammies, etc. read our books, sing a song or talk about our day, hugs and kisses and into the crib night-night.

Naptime and bedtime have become such a fun time for us compared to before we contacted Sleep Tight YMM. She changed the game for us and I am so glad we reached out to her when we did.

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