Maternity Shopping Tips

Struggle with sizing when shopping for maternity clothing, read this expecting mamma’s adventurous experience.


I highly recommend shopping at a maternity store and get help from the sales representatives. They are VERY helpful, at least where I shopped at Thyme Maternity.  I learned that you do NOT need to go up in sizing, but rather by the same sizes you always wear because maternity clothing is made to grow with you and sized differently. I had no idea. 

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I just winged it and started ordering maternity clothing once I was feeling uncomfortable in my regular clothes, totally a poor rookie move, haha.  

I made a big order online, before ever trying on maternity clothes and all items came and were well too big. Without research and just going by assumption, I assumed I’d grow into them. After attempting to wear the few pieces I had ordered over the course of a month, I came to realize I wasn’t actually going to fit into them. 

A few blogs later of reading, and a chat with a girlfriend, you do not need to order in larger sizes. Most often your regular size will do, or even going down a size {never thought that you’d go down in sizes, but I did in some items}. Maternity clothing is made with a lot of stretch and long-waisted belly bands attached especially on pants/bottoms. 

If I had my time back, I would’ve started maternity shopping in-store, rather than jumping right online, after learning about the sizing. The ladies working at Thyme that day were amazing, VERY helpful. 


Have fun shopping and have fun trying on clothes. I had so much fun showing off new pieces to my husband, as he sat waiting for me. Some items definitely didn’t work for me, so we laughed at them and had fun.

I felt like a million dollars trying on NEW clothes that actually fit me comfortably. I am really into fashion {ok, most days}, and I wanted to buy clothes to wear to still make me feel like me. 

So many told me that sweatpants were the way to go, but I just couldn’t do it. I mean don’t get me wrong sweatpants are AWESOME and super comfy, but they’re totally not my jam every day. 


Look and shop for sales. End of season etc. Do IT. I found so many cute pieces from last season marked down to as low as 70% off. Find coupons to use or ask a fellow pregnant friend if they shopped at whatever store and get a referral code… that way both of you benefit. I mean who doesn’t love an extra 10% off. #win

Finally, just wear whatever makes you feel like you, and whatever makes you feel comfortable. Comfort is key! 

I hope these tips are helpful.

PS. Here is a list of some other places I shopped for maternity clothes:

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