A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For All Mama’s

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide with at home ideas, DIY, ways to support local businesses, and more. This guide is for any and all moms in your life.

There’s having a mom, and becoming a mom. Two beautiful blessings. Becoming a mother made be me realize just how beautiful and powerful women are. And how inspiring WE all are. The moment we finally found out we were expecting having trying to conceive for over a year, was one of the highlight moments of my life.

Being a mama isn’t easy. It is tiring, beautiful, crazy, chaotic and VERY rewarding. There are so many words to describe the beauty of motherhood. I think every mama out there deserves a little pampering. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be over the top. To be honest, just spending quality time with my little family is all I really could ask for. But I am not going to lie, I do enjoy a few moments to myself.



Messy; blissful; finding a balance between diapers, feedings, changes, sleep, etc.

It truly is about finding a balance when it comes to being the best dang mom while trying to work from home, maintain a home, a husband and get the chance to wash your face, maybe even brush your teeth somewhere in between everything else.

It is hard for many mamas to find a balance I hear that all the time. But the importance of self-care runs high on my radar, which is why I make time for myself in my crazy busy schedule.

If I didn’t make time for myself, I wouldn’t be the mom I want to be and the mom who I show up to be. If I just let myself go, rolled with the punches and didn’t care for myself, I’d become miserable, pretty quickly, and likely fall into a deep dark hole.


Spend a little; spend a lot; spend quality time together; being present is not all about giving presents.

As a first-time mom, this mother’s day I just want to spend time with my family, which we’ve been doing a lot lately, like most of you reading this. Having family time could include watching a movie together, going for a hike or walk, or venture out for a picnic.

Given the current pandemic, we’ve been lucky enough to spend time with our household family. Coming from my own experience it has come with good and bad. The good being more present with my family, doing more family activities, and getting creative with what we have around us. The bad is going stir crazy, like the rest of y’all when all we wanna do is go visit our friends or family.

Mama can always catch a break once this craziness is all over and we start to get back to somewhat of a normal life. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still treat mom despite not being able to leave home.

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Here is a list of Mother’s Day ideas at home:

  • Homemade Card
  • Run her a hot bath
  • Play her favourite music
  • Pour her a glass of wine
  • Make her morning coffee
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Cook her favourite meal
  • Make chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Chocolate and/or cheese fondue
  • Head out for a picnic, even in the backyard.
  • Go for a walk or hike

Here is a list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas of things you can buy online for her to use in the future or gifts that can be delivered:

  • Spa Day: depending on where you live you may be able to get a gift certificate delivered to your doorstep from a local business and help support local shops during this crazy time. I know that here in Fort McMurray, Spoiled Rotten Beauty Boutique is doing delivers. I’m sure you could get a gift card for mom, such as their, “Queen for the Day” package. I know you can purchase beauty products/hair care, etc. and they will deliver. I bet they’re doing the same for gift certificates.
  • Personalized Gifts: There are so many creative gift ideas for mom that are personalized. Things like personalized doormats, like this one, “Home is where the wine is“. Then there is this one, “hello“. If you want to support a local business here in Fort McMurray, “Aurora Design Co.”, her work is amazing. I have a few of her pieces in my home. Some other great personalized gifts are mugs, drinking glasses, necklaces, picture frames, etc. Another beautiful gift is a personalized photobook.
  • Jewelry: Maybe mama has always been wanting a nice watch or a new pair of earrings or even a necklace. Shop online, find out her style.
  • Candles: I love candles. There is something about them that makes my home feel so relaxing, welcoming and cozy. Treat mom to some nice candles from Bath and Body Works, or if that isn’t an option right now, try Amazon.
  • Wine and wine glasses: If the mother in your life enjoys her glass of wine, I highly recommend these long steam wine glasses from Crate and Barrel or these Tuscany style ones. I have both sets, they’re beautiful.
  • Gift basket: Some ideas for a DIY gift basket are putting together some self-care items, such as a book, a coffee pod(s), a new coffee mug, some new slippers, a face mask, some hair elastics/headband, bubble bath and a bottle of wine or champagne. A spa day at home!

I hope this post helps give you some ideas for your mom, or spouse. To all you mamas, you are totally rocking motherhood, the chaos and the triumphs of it all. It really is a hot messy beautiful blessing.

Here are some additional gift ideas from one of my favourite places to shop these days, Chapters/Indigo:

Happy Mother’s Day Mama’s <3


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