One-On-One Baby Fun (3-6 Months)

A list of one-on-one activities, for parent and baby that’s fun for everyone. Babies aged 3-6 months.


As a first-time mom, I’ve come to realize just how important one-on-one time is for little’s. Whether it is just simply hanging out smiling, giggling and encouraging you little to interact and engage with you, babies are smart and see it all.

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They also want our attention, and they like to be involved as much as they can be. When my daughter is in the kitchen with me, when I am making meals, I make it a point to explain to her what I am doing and encourage her to join by giving her a spoon to play with on her tray.

Babies are interested in everything we do, from brushing our teeth, hair, to folding laundry, they want to be part of the “fun“.

I wanted to put together a little list of fun activities I enjoy doing with Everly. I try to do most of these with her every day.

Reading, Showing Pictures

Everly loves books. I love reading to her. When we read I also like to explain what is happening in the pictures to her and encourage her to touch the book/pictures.

Sometimes she smiles at certain books or tries to talk back/read herself. I encourage her to read along with me, and join in the fun!

We read books daily. Books are part of our bedtime routine, and nap time routine. You can never have too many books!

Encourage Talking (Babbling)

Whenever Everly is babbling in her baby language, I try and talk back to her. Sometimes in the same tone, other times by saying things like, “tell me more” or “did you dream about that?”.

I put a real focus on “mom, mom, mom, mom”, “dad, dad, dad, dad”, “ma, ma, ma, ma”, “da, da, da, da”. I also try and make the same facial expressions as her, or encourage her to copy me, by copying her vice versa.


This has become one of our favourite games. We’ve been playing peekaboo, well before 3 months. Now that she is older, I hide my face more. Sometimes when I’m lying with her I’ll cover my face with a blanket and encourage her to take it off by saying, “where is mommy, find her?”.

Just simply covering my face with my hands is enough to make her giggle. I love hearing that deep belly laugh.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

This is another game loved by Everly. Not only does she find it hilarious as I do it on her, but it also helps her learn those specific body parts. I just have to say… “Head, shou…”, by then, she’s already laughing because she knows what’s coming.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

First of all, one day my husband caught me singing this nursery rhyme to her, to only find out I was singing it wrong. Instead of water spout, I was calling it spider spout, hahaha! I totally need to brush up on some of my nursery rhymes.

When I do the actions for this song, that’s what makes her giggle the most.

Where Is…

This is another fun and adored game for Everly. You are probably thinking, what is, where is? I am not sure the name of the game or if it is a game. I simply just look her in the eyes and say, “whereeee is… (hold a pause) Everly’s nose?”. Now when she hears the words “where is…” she knows what’s coming, nose, chin, toes, belly, etc. I point to those areas and tickle her a little, and she giggles!

Set Time Aside

I always try and set some time aside to do the activities she enjoys the most. Usually, for us, that’s morning and evening before bed.

I love the expressions on her face when she knows what activity we are going to do next! I love how these games allow us to play together and have fun. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. Of course, this always depends on her mood. If she’s not in the mood, we move on.

I’d love to know what some of your favourite activities are with your littles? Please share them below!

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