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  • healthy-balance-ebook

    Healthy Balance eBook


    A variety of recipes from Breakfast, everything in between, and of course treats. This healthy balance eBook contains recipes that are made using whole ingredients, however, there are some sweet treat recipes in here too. 

    Thank you for stopping by and showing your interest in investing in our Healthy Balance eBook. Food is life. Food is fuel. This recipe book contains a bit of everything making meal planning simple and recipes to be loved by all. Within each recipe, you will see quotes, quoted by me. We are huge foodies around here and I am a lover of all things food. Our hope is that you enjoy these recipes as much as our family does and that you feel the same way about food. #foodieforlife

    AND before I let you go, by purchasing this book you will get access to my private Healthy Balance Facebook Group, where I will go live from time to time cooking or baking and answer any questions you may have with regards to my book or anything food. <3

    Join us by clicking here. I’ll accept your invite within 24hrs.

    Happy Eating <3

  • salad-ebook

    Salad eBook


    With a variety of green salads and a homemade salad dressing, this salad eBook is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It is meal plan friendly and will make your hosting ideas a little easier if you are looking for that perfect salad to serve with dinner.  

    Thank you for stopping by and showing your interest in our 5 Salad Recipe eBook. To keep salads fresh and enjoyable we think that having variation in them is key. Within this salad eBook, you will find mostly green salads and one zucchini salad. We have also included a homemade poppy seed dressing that can be enjoyed on all our green salads. If you are new around here, we are huge foodies. Food is our fuel and energy. By fuelling our bodies the right way, we can ensure that we have optimal energy to go about our day-to-day activities!

    If you are looking for some salad inspiration, our salad eBook will do that for you. From serving yourself, your family or looking or that perfect salad dish for an appetizer or side for your dinner guest, there is something in here for everyone.

    As always,

    Happy Eating <3

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