Shortbread Cookies, An All-Time Christmas Cookie Favourite

The Christmas shortbread cookie that will be a tradition for many years to come in our family. When they melt in your mouth, you know it’s good!

The Shortbread Cookie

After chatting about my top Christmas traditions I haven’t been able to get shortbread cookies off my mind! They are my all-time favourite Christmas cookie which I could eat by the dozen! There have been times where I ate so many, I have gotten a bad belly.

This recipe is from, Companies Coming Cookies, by Jean Pare. It is a recipe that has been in our family for as long as I can remember. Looking back on pictures from over the years it is so nice to see the memories of making these cookies with my mom and brother.

I thank my mom for the MANY traditions I have carried on with Chris, and now Everly.

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Cookie Cutters

While these cookies can be made with just a simple small round cookie cutter, or by rolling them in balls, pressing with a fork and topping with candied cherries, it is way more fun cutting shapes and adding sprinkles.

There was a year where we made our shortbread cookies by rolling them in a ball and topping them with candied cherries, but it just wasn’t the same. The fun always comes from the cookie cutters. You can find my favourite ones in the link below.

The key with cookie cutters is that you dip them in flour before you cut. That way you get a nice, clean-cut!

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The Family Tradition

This year I was able to make these cookies with my mom, and of course, Everly joined us and watched! Growing up she made this activity so much fun! Like old times we had Christmas music playing, we were laughing and making some new memories. It was so nice to hear my mom talking to Everly and telling her about our shortbread making Christmas tradition and that probably next year she’d be cutting shapes with us too.

The Cut

This year we decided to do just the one shape, we went with a wreath. As usual, we made these cookies for our cookie exchange. Usually, we use all the different shaped cookie cutters. However, after chatting we realized that all the shapes make it hard to package, and with the different sizes, the cookie sizes weren’t consistent.

For better presentation and packaging we went with the Christmas wreath. We decorated them with candied sprinkles, laughing as we pretended to be on the Christmas baking show.

The Recipe

I can’t take credit for this recipe, but I have to give a shoutout to Jean Pare, Companies Coming Cookies, for creating a delicious, and family favourite recipe in our home.


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