The Ultimate Guide For Travelling With A Baby

Check out this ultimate guide for travelling with a baby from this first time Mamma. Be prepared for anything and everything when travelling with a little one.

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Travelling with A Baby

An ultimate guide for travelling with a baby is something I think every first-time Mamma should read. It nice to know what other Mamma’s experienced and how they handled it. I wanted to make this ultimate guide to help any Mamma’s out there who are travelling for the first time with their littles. The first tip, be prepared for anything and everything,

Whenever you are travelling, especially the Winter season, know that your flight(s) can be delayed or even diverted to an alternate location. Yes, this can happen. And it happened to us, unfortunately. But, we were prepared. One of our flights got diverted to an alternate location due to terrible weather. Long story short, we didn’t miss any connections, but we were on a plane for just over 5 hours, without much room.

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To get this post started, after travelling with a baby, and having my husband with us as well, I found the aisle seat to be our preference versus the window seat, unless obviously if it was only a two-seat row, then you get the window and the aisle #bonus. Being in the aisle made it much easier and comfortable to get up and down with baby, and not interrupt someone else.

Most people are also usually very understanding and accommodating if you are row sharing with a stranger. I mean not all, but most! We lucked out and had great seat buddies, who wanted to hold, and help with Everly!


I don’t think you can have too much carry-on when travelling with your little one. From diapers, formula/breast pump, to a change of clothes and toys. You need it all!

We had four carry-on bags when we travelled. You are probably thinking that it is crazy, especially because it doesn’t include my nursing pillow or stroller. But, in all honesty, we used items from each bag.

Bag One

One bag was strictly changing essentials such as wipes, diapers, disposable changing pads, hand sanitizer, disposable bags, etc. I wanted to have just one bag for changing needs because it is WAY easier when everything is together in one bag. If you need to take it to the lavatory for changing in-flight, or if you are trying to figure out what bags to put in the overhead bin, having each bag specified for each “ideal situation“, makes it SO easy!

Speaking of airplane changes, you will want disposable bags as the flight attendants with kindly ask you to not toss those extra dirty diapers in the garbage, bag them and give the bagged diaper to them to dispose of. They will provide you with a bag if you don’t have any. I found it easier to have my own, rather than having to interrupt them and wait. Those lavatories are TIGHT, but it is do-able!

Changes in the airport were easy using the family washrooms. You can walk on in there with your stroller, there is plenty of room, and you can go in as a family and all freshen up!

Our changing bag I kept in the overhead bin because I knew I’d only need it once during our flight!

Bag Two

The second bag was changes of clothes (two outfits for babe, and one for each mom and dad), blankets, bibs, etc. This bag I kept in the overhead bin as well. Typically I would only need to grab something once while in flight!

I mentioned packing changes of clothes. I had two outfits for Everly. One was an everyday comfy outfit and the other was Pajamas. When we were getting on our night flights I did a mini bedtime routine with her before boarding to give her the idea that bedtime was near, and of course, make her comfortable.

I also had to change my shirt once, because Everly spit up on me and of course I changed to avoid the sour milk smell. Extra bibs are key for those drooling babes. At every stopover, I’d give her a fresh bib. She tends to soak right through hers as we currently have a teething baby.

You’ll need your extra receiving blankets, etc. because one is bound to hit the floor or get soiled. Once things hit the floor including toys, etc. They were tossed into a separate Ziploc bag and put away to go right in the wash once we got to our destination.

Bag Three

The third bag had everything for feeding. Bottles already filled with water, formula pre-measured, extra formula, extra bottles, and extra water. EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA… be prepared, because guess what… I never once seen any formula for sale in any of the airports we landed in! Going through security with all of this stuff was way easier than I had expected, they are very helpful. Because I was so organized it made our experience going through a breeze!

It was so convenient having everything prepared when it came to feedings. Like our Baby Brezza, we were able to make bottles in less than 10 seconds. Not to mention, there isn’t much space to be making up bottles. So buy just having to throw the pre-measured formula in a pre-measured bottle was amazing!

Bag Four

The fourth bag consisted of toys, snacks for mom and dad, cleaning wipes, wallets/travel documents, Tylenol, etc. This bag was kept under the sear below us, as it had items we all would need throughout the flight!

I packed some new toys for Everly. This was a great help, as she was excited to see new toys and now discovered a new favourite toy. I also mentioned cleaning wipes. I cleaned everything down including the windows if we were seated near one. I also stressed to my husband not to turn on the air vents above, as it is just circulated air from within the cabin, which can contain a lot of germs.


We also decided to gate check our stroller. This was perfect when we had long layovers in airports. It gave Everly some time to stretch out, look around and play! Not to mention, when we were boarding someone would be waiting by the plane to take any gate-checked items, and when we landed our stroller would be there waiting for us.

We also carried my boppy nursing pillow with us as well. This was great for inflight. Everly would fall right to sleep on it and she was comfortable, and so were we. She could lay right across it, on our lap. I would definitely recommend this one for travelling for sure! We were always so comfortable, and that is key when travelling with a little one!

We also packed our Bulga Baby carrier, but we didn’t end up using it! We found that the pillow was way more comforting, and Everly enjoyed her stroller rides through the airports.

You could easily pack less. I was travelling with hubby which meant extra hands. If I were travelling alone, I would likely double up a bag or two! For example, the handy-dandy items I need under my seat… combine into one bag. Also, I think the older your child gets, the easier it will be to pack.

I really hope that you found this post helpful and informative! If you have any questions post them below <3

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