Third-Trimester Bump Update

Current cravings at 38 weeks pregnant, where the baby is positioned and how I am spending my last few weeks pregnant in my third and final trimester.


As I am approaching 38 weeks, almost 9 months carrying sweet little babe, the last trimester of my pregnancy, I can’t help but notice just how fast time is ticking by. I don’t know if it is because I keep so busy, or if it’s the enjoyment of my pregnancy, but it is going SO fast.

The past 10 days have come with some challenges. I guess at some point babies run out of room inside because I can feel every movement these days. I am starting to walk like a little duckling, and some nights I am completely restless. Maybe that’s all part of preparing me for nighttime feedings, etc. And the beautiful blessing of motherhood.


To be honest, the nerves haven’t set in yet when it comes to delivery. Is it odd that I am actually more excited than nervous? Were you excited, scared or nervous? I’m sure as it all happens, the emotions will change which I’m sure is part of the experience.

Luckily, I haven’t had any swelling of my feet, yet. I did have some crazy back pain in the last week or so, and lots of cramping. My legs and hips are still a continuous issue {feeling of restlessness}. I try and keep moving but also resting throughout the day. It’s knowing my limits by trying to make sure I drink extra fluids. She certainly keeps her Daddy and me on our toes.

Many have asked or keep saying, when are you going to start nesting? Honestly, I feel like I have been nesting since about 23 weeks pregnant, my second trimester, when my legs and hips started to really become an issue, causing me discomfort and a lot of sleepless nights.

Being home has allowed me to rest whenever I want to. Go full tilt when I feel like it and just go at my own pace. I really enjoyed just taking my time, prepping her nursery for her arrival, washing her clothing bit by bit and hanging it up. That baby smell sure is amazing and her room is starting to fill with that scent. I may have also recently washed our bedding in baby detergent! #oops


There is so much movement. Not going to lie, the other day she frightened us when I never felt her move for a number of hours, totally out of her normal, scheduled, regular movements. I guess it’s the fact she’s running out of room in there… heck, what do I know. A quick trip to emerge, we got checked and we were all good to head back home {side note: the maternity ward was AMAZING}. However, we were never both so scared before in our lives.

She already likes music, when her daddy plays guitar I swear she starts dancing inside. Not going to lie, the hormones can’t handle it, and I cry. She is very active in the mornings, and at night! She loves ice cream {so I think}, like her mamma, because since about 32 weeks, I find myself going for those $1 deal ice cream cones just about every other evening.


Peaches are still currently my favourite and I can’t get enough. But, they must be rock hard, firm. As my husband would say, “break your teeth off kinda firm”. If they are too soft, I can’t eat them, the texture I think is what I crave the most. Check out my post 10 go-to pregnancy snacks.

Blt’s are still up there. I use Turkey Bacon to keep that craving light and meal plan approved.

Peanut Butter… well, this one has always been a favourite of mine. But, have you ever tried peanut butter smeared on some cheese. I know what you are thinking, gross. Trust me, try it! I love to snack on that!

Jalapeño Cheddar Cheetos… yep, they come with heartburn and all, but dang I’ve had a few bags of those since my third trimester.

Lastly, as I mentioned above… ice cream. Just a simple soft serve does the trick. Especially after a hot day, not that we’ve had many of those days here. It is just so refreshing.


Finally, at 34 weeks I received a call from my OBGYN to finally head to my first appointment and meet the doctor who will likely deliver our sweet girl into the world. Going in I had questions… such as where the baby is positioned inside? This is the one question that was on top of my list! I noticed an ultrasound machine in the room and requested an ultrasound as I wanted to know that she was head down in the correct position. And, that she was!

During my final days pregnant, I am going to focus on spending more time with my husband. Nap, prepare some blog posts, and maybe binge-watched some television… what are your greatest Netflix binges? Lastly, I’m gonna soak up every last minute of our sweet little baby inside me.


  1. I was excited too! Not at all nervous. Everything will go as it shall, and she will be here in no time 😊 There’s nothing more exciting! 😘❤

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