Flourless Egg Roll

Busy Mamma’s when coleslaw mix meets beef, you get a yummy and healthy flourless egg roll dish! It is quick to cook, easy to prepare, healthy and tasty! It is the perfect meal prep dish.

Mamma’s some days you plan to bake that banana loaf, try and “do this” and “do that”, and it doesn’t happen. This is why I am all about quick, easy and health-ish recipes!

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Meal prep was a huge staple in my weekly routine before I became a Mom. Since becoming a Mom, it is something I try and make a priority. This allows me to stay on track with my health and wellness goals.

Therefore, I like to try and get creative with meals that don’t take much time, and also are healthy and tasty. If it is only a few ingredients and doesn’t take much time to prep or cook, count me in.

Who doesn’t love egg rolls? I mean, they’re super crunchy, smothered with sweet and sour or plum sauce with that yummy Chinese food. I am bouncing back postpartum and nutrition is everything.


Coleslaw mix is always on my grocery list. You can do so much with this bagged salad. You can fry it up with some eggs, or make these flourless egg roll bowl, just to name a few ideas.

Sometimes I stand in my kitchen, fridge open and look at what I have and think about what I could make. Often I have a meal plan and other times I don’t. When I don’t, I go for veggies first as my base, then a protein and a carbohydrate.

I try to stick to eating veggies the most, followed by protein, and then Fiber-filled Carbohydrates. You can get pretty creative with just a few ingredients you have in your fridge or freezer.

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