Thes Easiest And Tastiest Quinoa Salad

A high protein salad, with a balance of healthy carbs and healthy fats; add this recipe to your list to try; a great meal prep salad.

I was never a huge lover of quinoa, but it is certainly growing on me these past few months! It is a great complex carbohydrate that is packed with protein.

When trying to think of different ways to incorporate this yummy food, I thought a sala was a great idea, and quickly grabbed some of my favourite ingredients and viola! This was born! 


When I was shopping at Save On Foods I noticed that they carried quinoa in ready to eat cups, that are preportioned. They can be served warm or cold. I always like to have these on hand because they save time on meal prep.


High in fibre and protein, keeping you fuller longer.

Because quinoa is loaded with fibre and high in protein it helps keep you fuller for a longer period of time, meaning a smaller serving size will satisfy your hunger over a longer period of time.

When comparing the serving of rice to quinoa, I may be adding a little less quinoa to my plate than rice, but I am much more full and satisfied.

Quinoa is a great rice substitute when it comes to cooking dishes that include rice. Yes, it has a different texture and a little different taste but, there is nothing that a few spices can’t fix.

I usually make quinoa as part of my meal prep for the week, for a quick “grab and go” add on, to almost any dish or even just as is and make a little salad.

You’ve read in my post before, I am all about quick, easy and time-saving recipes! Timing is everything. I don’t think it is necessary to spend hours in the kitchen doing meal prep if you don’t have to. This is another reason I grab those pre-made cups.

This quinoa salad you can also prep in advance for weekly lunches or even double and serve it as a side dish with dinner.


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