Will Pineapple Do The Trick

Trying out some methods to help kickstart labour, as we anxiously await the arrival of our baby girl… how about pineapple?

The past 10 days my body has changed SO much! I can’t even really describe it, I guess my body is preparing for labour.

I am experiencing a lot of cramping, Braxon Hicks as the doctor says and well discomfort in areas I never thought possible {I won’t bother going into the details on that}.

So many people have said that I was going to go early, but now I am starting to wonder if they all jinxed me, haha!

I decided to try out some of the “myths” I’ve read around how to kickstart labour to see if they actually work!

Here’s to trying pineapple in my superfood vegan smoothie, to see what this myth does! This recipe is super tasty!

Did pineapple work for you, mamma?

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