A Great Way To Get Veggies In

A little trick to getting those veggies in is with a bowl of spicy veggie soup. Check out this easy and tasty recipe.


I am all about eating those veggies and getting them in when I can. The perfect way is with some soup. This can be a lunch or even a SNACK. Yes, I just went there, a snack, like an afternoon pick me up.

I usually always have veggies for an afternoon snack, and after being on the go all day, I always get that mid-afternoon chill in the winter, but also that mid-afternoon hunger. #hangry

Nothing like a small bowl of hot vegetable soup to tie you over until supper time. I’ve added a little spice to this recipe to give it a little kick.

The broth is where almost all the nutrients are, so make sure you drink that! 

Meal prep is huge in my household and this soup is one meal I have prepped for the week.

Soup doesn’t take long to prepare. It goes a long way and it is great when you are in a crunch when the hunger strikes. 


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