A List Of My Most-Used Newborn Baby Items

A list of my most-used newborn baby items, which is what I needed as a first-time mom. A list of what items I’d use most. Would you find a list of the most used newborn items helpful? I know I would’ve. Check out my top used items listed below!

The List

Seriously, I wish I had found a list of what items I’d use the most! Thinking back and writing this post it would’ve been super helpful to have a list… even to give me an idea of what to have prepared and setup!

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Ubbi Diaper Pail

First on my most-used list is diapers. I wanted to go with cloth diapers, but my husband was a HUGE no on that one. You win some and lose some when it comes to discussing how you wanna so things as parents. I worn cloth diapers as a baby… that was before they had the disposable inserts for easy cleaning, hahaha!

Our Ubbi Diaper Pail has been a lifesaver. One, it isn’t plastic so it doesn’t hold the smell. It is stainless steel. I can get a full week of filling stinky diapers before having to change it out. I use the Ubbi diaper bags inside the pail which helps eliminate any foul odours. This is hands down, in my opinion, the best diaper pail!

Not to mention it totally looks nice in Everly’s nursery!

Pack and Play

The pack and play was a lifesaver for us. There is a bassinet attachment which is great for napping, and of course the changing pad! We changed more diapers on this thing when she was first born than we ever did in her nursery for the first few months.

Once she outgrew the bassinet and change pad at about three months, it was easily converted into a playpen. Great for on the go travel, and quick naps home in the living room.

Extra bonus: very compact.


I cannot say enough good about the Mamaroo swing by 4moms! I was nervous because I read many reviews saying it was a hit or a miss. Well, Everly LOVES her Mamaroo!

A few things I love about the Mamaroo, which is pretty much everything;

  • It’s easy to clean with its removable inserts
  • There are five different motion settings
  • Noises of all kinds, from nature to white noise
  • A cord port to plug in your own device to play your own music
  • And lastly, five different speed settings

Everly uses her swing so much. She got a lot of miles and hours clocked on her Mamaroo.

Aden and Anais Swaddles

These swaddles were hands-down our favourite for Everly. They’re night and snug and so easy to swaddle littles. I wasn’t sure what kind of swaddles to go with but, after some research and reading Jillian Harris’s blog and her recommendations I went with them.

I read a lot of reviews on all of the items before purchasing! Reviews really helped me when it came to making decisions, which is another reason I wanted to do this post!

Baby Brezza

While I was breastfeeding initially {I’ll share more on that in a later post}, the Baby Brezza has been a lifesaver. We get a nice, body temperature bottle in less than 10 secs with a couple clicks of a button. Similac Alimetnumn formula is what Everly drinks. The Baby Brezza is compatible with that machine.

There are three different temperature settings on the machine. It reminds me of a Keurig machine, but for bottles! Hands down a lifesaver at a 4 am feeding!

I actually love the Baby Brezza Formula Advanced Pro so much that I’ll be getting the One Step Food Maker when Everly starts solids!

Miss Fong Diaper Bag

I love this diaper bag! Not only is it stylish but it also super lightweight, even once you have a couple of bottles in there, diapers, etc. I originally had another diaper bag but found it very frustrating to pack with any sense, and it got really heavy. It was convertible from backpack to shoulder bag vice versa, but I wasn’t a fan!

The Miss Fong bag is affordable, stylish, lightweight, convertible, stroller friendly, and with lots of compartments.

Skip Hop Play Yard

We love Skip Hop. We not only have their awesome play yard but we also have a lot of their toys too.

Everly spends hours on her play yard, kicking at toys, reaching for toys and laughing! The design is great, I love how the toys and the mat is laid out to help with each developmental leap as a baby grows! This mat was well thought out and put together.

Halo Bassinet

We love our Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper. It easily slides into the bed which I found great being a new and first-time mom. I could get Eeverly so close to me it was almost like she was in bed with us.

The bassinet includes a few different features like a feeding timer, night light, musical noises, and a vibration setting.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Starter Kit

I had full intentions of breastfeeding a lot longer than expected, and of course pump and bottle feed. I went with these bottles based on reviews. When I was breastfeeding I also introduced a few Tommee Tippee bottles filled with breast milk. Everly took to these bottles no problem and also switched back to the breast without confusion.

The starter kit was awesome and came with everything we needed. I only wish they came with more size 0 nipples, the extra slow flow. We found size 1 to be too fast up until about 3 months.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more found under FAQ

If any expecting Mamma’s are reading this, I hope you find this post helpful <3

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