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A list of top seven personal development and personal growth books, that better your mind and life with a positive mindset.

Over the past year, I’ve come to a realization that mornings are when I am the most productive. I actually cannot believe how much more I accomplish getting up early. It is such a great feeling. 

Even updating this post, since becoming a mom, I love the feeling of accomplishing my work before my daughter wakes for the day! If it wasn’t for personal development I would not be able to get up early and get my work done before my day starts with my family. 



I wasn’t always a morning person.

That being said, I like to get to bed early. I still try to aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night. 

What all started my positive and productive mornings, is Personal Development. When I started on my health and wellness journey, some years ago, one of the main focuses was diving straight in with personal development, to help better my mindest and reach my goals. And that it sure did.


Making sure I get it in, morning or night.

Some days I spend 10 minutes reading, other days 30 minutes, depends on what my day looks like. I sit back with a coffee, or wine and read. After I read, I sit back and think about what I just read and use that information going forward in my everyday life.

There is always something to take away when it comes to personal development, from how to control and balance my time as a working mom, how to make sure I still make time for my marriage, and of course how to better my life with a positive mindset. 

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Since doing personal development, I’ve also learned the power of positive affirmations.

Another huge thing that I’ve implemented into my morning routine is waking up every morning, and repeating 3 positive affirmations to myself,  three times before I jump out of bed and start my day!

These affirmations stick with me throughout the day and keep me focused, on track and positive. Once I head downstairs to pour a coffee, I write down my 3 affirmations of the day!

What could be better than starting the day off on a positive note?

Here is my go-to list if you are just getting started with personal development:

  1. Girl Code: This book was the first-ever personal development book I read. I loved hearing Cara’s story on how she turned her hobby into a full-blown business with huge success!
  2. You Are A Badass: I’ve read this one more than once to help me get back on track with my business. I also recommended You Are A Badass to some family members as well, because even if you don’t struggle with self-doubt, it is such a firecracker book.
  3. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self Love is The Key to Unlocking Your Greatness: Vex King totally nailed this one on the head with his book Good Vibes, Good Life. The more you surround yourself with positive and uplifting people the better you will feel, and the more successful you may (more likely) will become, especially if you are a business person.
  4. Get Your Sh*t Together: This book helped me stay on track when I decided I was going to turn my hobby into a business. Sometimes we can let the attitude of others totally play a part in our mindset, which can be pretty negative. Don’t allow that to happen, “get your sh!t together”, you are better than that! You do you!
  5. The Five-Second Rule: This book really helped me get over all the “what if… _____”. The fear of failure. Sometimes we just need to count to FIVE, and boom… get it done! Failure is part of success.
  6. Girl, Wash Your Face: I feel like this book is a hit or a miss for some. But, whether you are Mamma or not, I highly recommend Rachel’s book. This book reminded me that we all start somewhere. Like anyone, we work our way from the bottom to the “top”. It’s all about finding balance with no shame in your game, while still finding a balance for our families etc. I also felt like I could relate to Rachel in every chapter… her struggles and her triumphs.
  7. The Five Minute Journal: This journal is how I start my day, every day! This also allows me to remind myself what I am grateful for, but also reflect on all the positives that came out of my day! I have given this journal as gifts, to friends and family, since starting it myself, because who doesn’t love gratitude!

Grab yourself a fresh hot coffee {for you momma’s, at nap time}, nestle in with a freshly baked pumpkin muffin or a lemon poppy seed muffin and one of these fine reads!

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