A Father’s Day Gift Guide For All Dads

A Father’s Day Gift Guide with at home ideas, DIY, ways to support local businesses, and more. This guide is for any and all dads in your life.

It was seeing my husband become a dad. Seeing him hold our daughter for the first time. It’s a moment in my life that I’ll never forget.

I can’t even explain the moment. It was bittersweet, filled with so many emotions, tears of happiness and big smiles. His hands holding her, wrapped in his arms, it was beautiful.



Spend a little; spend a lot; spend quality time together; being present is not all about giving presents.

Dad’s, they’re all different. Some seek adventure, some “game”, some are into music, others are just chill and don’t say much.

When it comes to gift ideas for my husband, I find myself stumped from time to time because he is so laid back, easy to please and go with the flow kinda guy. One of his favourite pass times is picking the guitar.

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Here is a list of Father’s Day ideas at home:

  • Homemade Card
  • Watch his favourite show or movie together
  • Pour him a beer
  • Do his favourite activity together {biking, hiking, sport, etc.}
  • Backyard fire
  • Backyard activity
  • Outdoor movie
  • Make a cake or favourite cookie/sweet
  • Breakfast in bed

Here is a list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas of things you can buy online for him to use in the future or gifts that can be delivered:

  • A New Instrument: My husband enjoys music, and really enjoys picking/strumming the guitar. There are so many neat instruments out there and so many different types and styles of guitars. Why not gift him something he already likes and enjoys in a different style or get him to try something new if he is into new things.
  • Personalized Gifts: There are so many options for this. You can customize something of his favourite sports team or band. Customize a mug or drinking glass. A new watch and engrave it.
  • Gift Basket: Put together your own creative basket, including things like beef jerky, his favourite alcoholic beverage, a new glass, YETI mug or shot glass, new grilling spices, grilling gear, small tools, his favourite chocolate, candy, chips, etc.
  • Activity: This time of year is the season for golf. If dad is into this sport why not gift him a round of golf or some golf swag. If he is into hiking or biking, you can gift him things associated with that activity as well. If he is a hunter, this dehydrator is great for making jerky, or even drying fruits.
  • Tickets: If there is an upcoming concert or event, or even a baseball game that you’ll know he’ll enjoy. Tickets are a great gift idea. Or maybe you are able to surprise him with a vacation. Or if you can budget this one, season tickets to his favourite sporting team.
  • Traeger Grill: This seems to be a new trend these days. I hear my husband talk about a smoker or a Traeger all the time. If this fits in your budget, this is a great gift idea for the grill master dad in your life.

I hope this father’s day gift guide helps give you some ideas for your dad, or spouse.

PS. Here are some additional gift ideas from one of my go-to shopping places these days, Chapters/Indigo:

PPS. Here are some of my Amazon finds:



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