How To Roast Frozen Vegetables

Do you think the only way to eat your veggies, and make them taste good is to buy them fresh? No, veggies are veggies. Think again, with this awesome recipe on how to roast frozen vegetables.

I was never a huge veggie lover, and to be truthful, I don’t always go for the veggies first. But, oddly enough I love a good salad! Oh, yes – yum! But once the cold weather hits, you can count me out of eating salads. There is something about a salad that tastes way better during the warmer months. 



High temperature; Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Seasoning.

When it comes to roasting frozen vegetables, you want to make sure you are cooking them at a high temperature. Why? Because they are frozen they hold “water”. When using high heat it will allow for the heat to help absorb the moisture more quickly and brown/crisp the vegetables. 

Even from frozen I still like to drizzle or toss my vegetables in EVOO. This gives them a little flavour and helps brown them up. I use EVOO a lot, even sometimes baking too, as a good source of healthy fat.  

Seasoning is key. My go-to seasoning for frozen vegetables is Mrs. Dash Herb and Garlic blend. I love the flavour that this spice mixture adds.  


Eating vegetables from frozen doesn’t need to be complicated. Get creative with your recipes/dishes. 

You can get really creative with frozen vegetables. From casseroles, stir-frys, breakfast and more. Frozen vegetables are cheaper, you can buy in bulk and they make for a quick and easy meal when you’re on a time crunch but still wanting to choose a healthy dish. 

Here are some simple ideas for meals using frozen veggies:

  • Stir-frys
  • Pasta
  • Casseroles
  • Omelettes
  • Pastry puffs
  • Soup

I always have frozen vegetables on hand because you can honestly use them for anything. They last longer than fresh vegetables and they fit a tight budget. I sometimes add broccoli florets to this mac and cheese recipe.

With each meal that I make, I make sure that we always have a veggie. I think it is important to make veggies more “delightful” {if that makes sense} and more appealing to the “eyes”. I once read that if your plate looks fun and exciting, your food will taste the same way! ADD some colour! 

PS. If you are looking for some other recipes that contain veggies, check out these ones:

I hope you enjoy this quick, easy and healthy recipe. 



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