5 Must-Have Baby Apps For The First-Time Mamma

Here’s a list of 5 must-have baby apps that have helped this first-time mamma with things from sleep/feeding schedules, to soothing sounds, and more.

Baby Apps

Being a first-time mamma, I wanted to put together a list of the 5 must-have baby apps that I find very useful being a new mom. I use these apps just about every day, if not every other day! These 5 baby apps have been super helpful, and some time-saving.

Being a first-time mamma, I’ve read a lot and have done a lot of research. I mean, you can’t really base parenting or becoming parents on a book or blog, because every baby is different, but the information has definitely been a great help. What works for one baby may never work for another, vice versa. However, I enjoy reading blogs/articles to help with ideas on how to handle things like sleep for an example.

Someone gave me some parenting/pregnancy books to read during my pregnancy, and I didn’t bother to read them. I did, however, look into some baby apps {because our phones are always near, making apps more convienent} that I read about online. Some I invested in, others I just use the free versions.

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The Wonder Weeks

Let’s start with my most favourite baby app, The Wonder Weeks. I absolutely love this app. Everly is actually pretty spot on when it comes to the Developmental Leaps and when they happen. Being a first-time mamma, this app helps me know what to expect with each leap.

I love how this app gives you notifications on when a leap is coming, tips on how to help for a smooth transition through it, what to expect during and how long things can last.

There is also a tracker and a diary within the app, where you check things off. Or you can just use as a guide on what to expect. There are ideas on games to play to help with each leap and videos that give you an idea of what your baby is going through with each leap, and what to expect.

I find this app very informative and helpful. It helps me “make sense” of what’s happening. I highly recommend investing in this app.


This app, Huckleberry, was great when Everly as smaller when I was trying to track her feedings/naps. It really helped me try and figure out her wake windows, etc. I like how you can track everything in this app and it will tally everything for you and chart it, so you can see and compare from one day to the next.

If you are struggling with wake windows, this app will suggest nap times. There is a paid version, where someone can help you dial in deeper with sleep. However, I just opted for the free version, which still gave me suggested nap times and bedtime based on wake windows.


This app, Guva, is great for on the go. There are a number of different sounds, like white noise which you play right from your phone. There are also options for lullabies, animations and even sleeping tips.

I personally have only used this app for the sounds when travelling, which is great. I don’t need to always bring her white noise machine with us, which is great because that just takes up extra room.

Think Dirty

This app, Think Dirty, I actually got when I found out I was pregnant. I used this app to scan products safe to use for myself, and then of course for baby. Some products that I actually thought were “clean”, actually weren’t. Sometimes the front of the labels can be very misleading, read the ingredients.

I like that all you have to do is scan the barcode of a product, and if it is registered, it will rate it on a scale of 0-10.

Baby Sparks

This app, Baby Sparks, is great. It’s filled with fun activity ideas. Especially those that help with skills like, sitting, crawling, walking, etc. There are little videos that give you step by step “how-to’s” to help your baby learn the new skill.

I just opted for the free version for this app, but with the paid version you get a ton of “extras“.

Do you have any good apps or books that have helped you since becoming a mom?

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