The Ultimate Home Workout Playlist

Looking for motivation, try this workout playlist. This playlist will have you torching extra calories as you dance and have fun!

Workout Playlist

Do you have a workout playlist? I hear it all the time, “I can’t work out at home, I just can’t. I have zero motivation”. First of all, I always ask, why do you feel like you CAN’T do it? What is it that doesn’t motivate you?

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Let me be clear, some days are hard to hit play working out at home. Yes, I get it. Yes, I’m with the rest of you who feel the same way. However, I do not have time to go to the gym, so I had to LEARN self-discipline FAST. Not to mention, I found/formed an accountability group that totally helped me with staying on track, and of course a workout playlist!


Accountability is KEY! Whether it’s your friend, your workout buddy, etc. FIND something or someone to help hold you accountable. For me, groups work best! If you wanna join our group fill out this form and I’ll email you!

Another thing that helps hold me accountable is knowing how good I feel after a workout. I feel energized, more ALIVE and ready to play with my little lady. Honestly, exercising is even more important to me now than before. I want to be that mom who can keep up with chasing a busy toddler around the home, at the playground and wherever without feeling exhausted!


Having an upbeat playlist helps me push harder in my living room. I often find myself singing along or feeling like Beyonce {Queen Bey}, which makes me push harder. Think of one of your favorite celeb trainers that you look up to, or even your celeb crush {I know we all have one ladies} and picture them there with you. Nothing can be more motiving than picturing them right there with you!

I use Spotify. I love how organized it is, user-friendly and the recommendations they make with regard to the music genre you listen to. You can get the free version or pay.

I wanted to share my playlist with you all. There is everything from Shania Twain, Beyonce, Bryan Adams, and more! I love a good variety {I have a few good remixes on there too} and I like to mix things up! This playlist is just over an hour-long.

I hope you enjoy my workout jams! What’s one of your favorite workout beats?

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