Summer Bucket List

A summer bucket list to kick off the 2020 summer with a bang, lots of fun, memories to be made and creative ideas for any and all families.

Friend, I am loving these seasonal bucket lists. There is something about them that makes me so excited to just start checking them off as I do them and soak up each moment to the fullest.

I wanted to share my family’s summer bucket list with you all. I am so excited about Everly’s first summer. From camping {aka glamping}, s’ mores, outdoor adventures and more, it’s gonna be filled with so many great memories!


Here is our summer bucket list:

  • Weekend Getaway: this summer we are pretty excited to give back and support local/small businesses. We’re hoping to get away to Banff for a weekend away and show Ev the beautiful mountains and breath in that fresh mountain air.
  • Camping {glamping}: I say “glamping” because we don’t really have it very rough at the camper. We have a tow-behind trailer with A/C, heat, etc. When we were looking at campers I wanted the back to be a beautiful sitting area with a bigger kitchen, however, hubby insisted we get a bunkhouse for down the road. Am I ever glad now that we have the bunkhouse, Ev gets her own room.
  • Golfing: This is one activity that hubby and I enjoy doing together. Last year I only got golfing a handful of times when I was in my first trimester when we visited Arizona with some friends. I am so excited to start swinging again. And I love that this sport is one both me and my husband enjoy doing together. This will make for some great day dates!
  • Swimming: I am so excited that on a whim last year we decided to purchase some property by the lake! A lake where which we can swim. Everly loves the water and I love the beach, so I am sure we will have lots of memories on the lake this summer!
  • Lake Life: We are fortunate enough to have a home away from home. A place for summer getaways. We will spend half of our summer at the lake lot and only be home long enough for hubby to work. We have so much freedom there and nothing beats being in the trees, near the lake and hearing the birds every morning. So peaceful!
  • Visit The Zoo: I really want to take Everly to the zoo. I know she is young but she loves exploring and seeing things in action! She loves seeing animals on TV. I know she’d love to visit a zoo.
  • Campfires: Between campfires at the lake, and our small fires in our propane fire pit at home, there is nothing cozier on a warm summer evening to end the day. Fire, homemade mojito and s’ mores. The best!
  • BBQ With Friends: It’s been a long winter with social distancing. One thing we are really looking forward to is getting together with friends for a BBQ.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Another activity we enjoy is riding in the backcountry on our side by side. At the lake, there are so many trails to ride on. Ev is gonna love trail riding!
  • Look At The Stars: Stargazing I love it. Nothing beats looking up into a starlit sky and looking at all of its beauty. This is a summer MUST!
  • Beach Days: Everly was born 3 days after my birthday. My mom always talked about all the time we spent at the beach before I turned one. I am so excited for all the beach days with Everly this summer at the lake. From splashing in the water to playing in the sand, beachside snacks and more.
  • Girls Night, Mommy’s Night Out: I am longing for a girl’s night with my gals. I think us mamas deserve to go out for dinner and a few drinks.
  • Picnic: I am really looking forward to going on a family picnic this summer. Growing up we had a lot of picnics. Some were roadside and others were at the park. So many fun memories of this when I was a kid.

What are some activities or things you are looking forward to this summer? Any special plans?

PS. If you are looking for some yummy summer recipes, check these out:


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